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Screen Printing Nylon

Screen printing on waterproof nylon.

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When screen printing waterproof or water-resistant nylon jackets, plastisol ink will require a nylon catalyst or nylon adhesive liquid in order to bond fully and create long-term durability. The ratio of ink to catalyst is very important as too little may not adhere to the jacket and too much may cause the print to become brittle. Measure the ingredients by weight. Add 10% nylon catalyst to 90% plastisol ink. It is also important to note the ink may or may not be compatible with the particular nylon catalyst you are using. One Stroke Inks suggests the 222 Series plastisol ink with their nylon catalyst. This combination will give you the durability you are looking for. If the nylon catalyst is added to an ink that is not compatible, you will spot the problem very quickly as the ink will start to thicken up the moment it is mixed up. When you are finished screen printing the nylon jackets, be sure to clean out your screen immediately as the nylon catalyst will cause the ink to harden into the screen mesh after sitting for a few hours. Also, be sure to allow the finished print to sit for 24 to 48 hours before scratching or picking at the print.

Author: Robb Mears

Director of Product Development with One Stroke Inks.

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