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Heat Press Material

Difficulty weeding heat press material.

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When cut properly, heat press material should not be difficult to weed.  Numerous factors are involved including blade depth, force, speed, blade sharpness, and many more.  If you follow each of these steps, weeding will be much easier and faster every time.  First, make sure the blade depth is correct.  The blade should only stick out of the blade holder far enough to cut the film and scratch the surface of the clear carrier.  Test this by taking the blade holder out of the machine and cutting a circle in the heat press material using your hand.  If the blade cuts through the material and the carrier, it is out too far.  From here, put the blade holder back in the machine and adjust the force.  This is where the test button on the cutter will help you.  Test every 20 grams of force and see which force weeds the test cut the best.  Once the blade depth and force are properly set, check the speed setting.  You can cut fast with films such as Siser Easyweed.  When it comes to glitters, metallic, and reflective, a slower speed is recommended.  I have some other general troubleshooting to offer in regards to cutting.  If the heat press material is cut but the cut lines look more like tear lines, check the cutter protection strip.  If this is damaged, replace it and your cutting lines will be much cleaner.  If it looks ok, check the blade.  Perhaps it is dull and needs replacing.  Finally, if all else fails, put a drop of oil in the blade holder.  The blade may not be spinning freely.  When it is not facing the correct direction, the cuts are typically very jagged.

Author: Robb Mears

Director of Product Development with One Stroke Inks.

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