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Screens are difficult to reclaim.

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If your emulsion is very difficult to reclaim (or even impossible) you may want to look at your exposure time along with the chemicals you are using to remove ink.  Harsh ink removers can harden some emulsions to the point that they will be very difficult to reclaim.  If you combine harsh ink removers with an under-exposed screen, it may never reclaim at all.  Screen Opener is a cleaner that you should not use very often.  If you are using it to clean ink out of an entire screen in situations such as color changes, reclaiming may always be difficult.  Some emulsions will resist this more than others.  If you find screen opener very quick to work with and you want to continue cleaning this way, call us for a more solvent resistant emulsion.  One more important note, if you spray emulsion reclaimer on your screen and let it dry before rinsing the emulsion out, it will lock the emulsion into the screen.

Author: Robb Mears

Director of Product Development with One Stroke Inks.

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