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21 Step Sensitivity Guide

Why is my emulsion slimy?

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If your screen exhibits a slimy feel as you are rinsing out the image, your screen is most likely under-exposed.  In this situation, you are very likely to get screen breakdown while printing.  Also, when cleaning chemicals are used to remove ink or to open clogged mesh openings, a clear residue from the under-exposed emulsion may lock into the mesh.  This is difficult, if not impossible to reclaim.  Your best answer to this problem is to prevent it.  Try a Saatiprint 21 Step Sensitivity Guide.  It is a simple process.  Expose the screen at your “normal” exposure time, rinse out the image created by the guide, and count the number of squares remaining.  The guide will then give you a percentage to multiply your exposure seconds by to get your optimal exposure.

Author: Robb Mears

Director of Product Development with One Stroke Inks.

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